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Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal Pain: A Holistic Approach

It is logical, when we are in a pain state, to focus on the symptom, and think that the problem will be solved if the pain goes away. However, this hypothesis is often not functional and sometimes leads to a vicious circle. A basic Law that governs our Health is that the root cause of a health problem is largely the result of our way of life, our daily habits, our thoughts and behaviors. Most of the times, pain is...

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Δυσκινησια Ωμοπλατης

Scapular Dyskinesia: an often neglected cause of Neck Pain

    One of the causes that lead to neck pain is Scapular Dyskinesia. The term "Scapular Dyskinesia" refers to the abnormal resting position of the scapula or/and its abnormal movement during arm elevation. When we elevate the arm to perform an overhead activity, e.g. to place an object on a high shelf, the scapula rotates upwards, supporting the arm (pic. 1).   [caption id="attachment_1806" align="aligncenter" width="398"] Pic. 1. Normal movement of the scapula during the arm elevation[/caption] The upward...

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