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Our physiotherapy clinic provides on-line physiotherapy services, through online video calls to our patients, who due to distance or any other reason, cannot visit us in our practice.

Tele-Physiotherapy and Tele-Rehabilitation through video call is a way that we have been using with excellent results in the past few years. Many patients, who live outside Greece or in remote parts of the mainland and islands of Greece, and have a preference to our physiotherapy services, choose this type of treatment.

The philosophy in Active Physiotherapy Solutions is mostly Self-Treatment, that is, educating our patients to understand every aspect of their problem, to strengthen themselves through Therapeutic Exercise and return to their activities of daily life, fully functional and pain free.

Our approach all these years is not based on the use of machines, but rather on detailed history taking and therapeutic exercise. This is why, we have the experience and the know-how that is required for Tele-Physiotherapy and the excellent outcomes that are expected from us.

Initially, we set an appointment to have an on-line meeting. The video call can be made by any means of social networking or electronic communication the patient prefers (Messenger, Viber, What’s Up, Google Duo, Skype, etc.).

Our methodology in the 1st session includes:

  • Detailed history taking
  • Clinical examination
  • Evaluation of the diagnostic results (X-Rays, CT-Scans, MRIs etc.) sent by the patient with a simple photograph
  • Recording of the patient’s goals and expectations
  • Planning of the initial exercise program (all the exercises are tested during the meeting, in order to ensure their effectiveness and proper execution)
  • Sending all the exercises in a video format, so that the patient can go back whenever there are questions or doubts about their proper execution.


For your convenience, we have created a large database, which includes all our exercises in video form, where we describe and explain all the important details of the exercise in an understandable way. Below you can see an example:


In the 2nd session, which is usually done within 1 week:

  • The patient is reassessed
  • We discuss the course of symptoms during the week
  • We check the results of the exercises so far
  • Reshape the exercise program and
  • We send the new set of exercises.


Throughout the treatment, we are at the patient’s disposal to resolve questions. When such a need arises, the patient sends a message or communicates by phone with us and we arrange it immediately. Our goal is always to support the patient at all levels, until he/she becomes strong and independent again.

The average number of online sessions is 3-4 and they are usually held 1 per week. Our payment is made through a bank transaction and the receipts are sent by post to the patient at the end of the treatment series.