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The supraspinatus tendinitis is a condition that is very effectively treated with therapeutic exercise.

As with any musculoskeletal problem, we get a detailed history from the patient to understand the mechanism that creates stress on the shoulder tendons.

It should be noted that the syndrome can be due to several factors, which can be treated with simple strengthening and stretching exercises and are the following:

  • Slouched Posture: It has been found by research studies that when we slouch and lose our ability to stand straight, the area in which the tendons are located narrows. Athletes who elevate their arms either to serve (volleyball, tennis, etc.) or to lift some weight in the workplace or gym (e.g. crossfit) should be able to extend their thoracic spine, so that the shoulder tendons function properly.
  • During arm elevation, the shoulder blade should be rotated upwards. Very often, the muscles that move the shoulder blade are poorly activated resulting in a condition called scapular dyskinesia, which creates stress conditions in the shoulder tendons.
  • Activation of the Rotator Cuff Muscle: Rotator cuff muscles are very important because they stabilize the shoulder joint when making quick and dynamic movements, especially during sporting activities.

During the clinical examination of the athlete, we are able to identify which factors lead to tendon stress and provide a targeted exercise program to improve the flexibility of the chest, shoulder movement, and rotator cuff muscles.