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“Acute low back pain” refers to the back pain of recent onset, either as a result of trauma or for no apparent reason. The same treatment principles apply, even when the pain radiates to the leg (“sciatica”).

In acute low back pain, our initial goal is the relief of symptoms, with the use of articular and soft tissue techniques and specific corrective exercises that restore function in the spinal segments.

Another important goal is the prevention of a second episode. We are all aware that some of our daily routines are harmful. The sedentary lifestyle, the lack of exercise or the faulty exercise creates “weak links” in our kinetic chain.

Our aim is to help you identify these weak links and help you fix them.

The postural education and strengthening of specific muscles, as well as improving ergonomics in everyday life are some precautionary measures that you will be taught systematically.

If you wish to continue exercising at a gym, we will suggest a suitable training method and will contact your trainer and discuss about your current physical condition.

CONCLUSION: Do not treat an episode of low back pain as something harmful or damaging. Most episodes of low back pain are completely reversible. A positive approach would be to see it as an opportunity to identify the weaknesses of your body and correct them.