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FAI is a hip problem that has emerged recently both in the athletic and non-athletic population. It presents with pain and stiffness in the anterior aspect of the hip joint. Symptoms occur with hip flexion, adduction and internal rotation, and functionally as the knee approaches the chest.

Current research shows that conservative exercise therapy can help treat symptoms and restore functional activity, even sports activity.

In our physiotherapy clinic, we manage the patients presenting with FAI, using a combination of hands-on techniques and a highly specific and individualized exercise program. The patient’s compliance and participation to the daily exercise routine is of paramount importance, in order to achieve the best possible results.

Hands-on techniques are executed by the therapist and are intended to improve hip arthrokinematics, the range of motion and the loosening of the soft tissues, so that the hip joint can move properly.

The program of exercises includes:

  • Training the muscles to hold the pelvis in a functional position that reduces the impingement symptoms. Automatically, the pain decreases and the person’s functional capacity improves.
  • Activating and strengthening the hip stabilizing musculature, so that the femoral head remains centralized during hip movements, without deviations leading to impingement.
  • Performing exercises that simulate the sporting and functional activities causing the symptoms, placing emphasis on the correction of the movement pattern.