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The meniscus tear is due either to a traumatic event or to chronic stress due to the movements and activities of everyday life.

However, we should know that meniscal tear or degeneration is sometimes observed even in healthy people.

Therefore, before proceeding to arthroscopic surgery, namely meniscal repair or menisectomy, it is prudent to test a program of exercises, aiming at reducing the symptoms and restoring the functional capacity of the individual. If the program of exercises does not give the desired results, then arthroscopic intervention and surgical correction of the problem should be made. In any case, the exercise program is not a waste of effort because it is an excellent pre-operative knee preparation and will significantly improve the patient’s post-operative recovery process.

It should be stressed that in this case as well, a complete assessment of the individual is required in order to understand the mechanism that exacerbates knee pain, but also the particular needs of each individual in his life, his hobbies and his expectations.

The program of exercises includes:

  • Strengthening of the knee muscles and especially the quadriceps muscle
  • Strengthening of the core muscles and the hip muscles
  • Restoring proprioception and balance to the lower extremity
  • Motor control retraining and restoration of biomechanical strategies when performing sporting activities