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Our main focus is the treatment of painful musculoskeletal syndromes and especially those of the spine, the shoulder and hip region and the knee joint.

We are dedicated to providing quality physiotherapy services to meet our patients’ needs, in a context of mutual respect and synergy.

Our goal is to help our patients become independent and fully functional as soon as possible.


We focus in “active physiotherapy”, meaning that you will be encouraged to resume an active role in your treatment.

It is our strong belief that when you actively participate in the treatment process, you become more aware of your body and understand the nature of the problem.

Our experience has taught us that in order to achieve positive and long lasting results, you will need to make small, but “therapeutic” changes in your life. These changes do not include executing exhausting exercises or losing a lot of weight. In most cases, being conscious and aware of your sitting posture and basic movement patterns are enough to bring the first positive results. Our job is to guide you gradually and safely in a state, where you will trust your body and feel the benefits of therapeutic exercise. Soon, you will return to your daily activities feeling self-confident and revived.

We believe in team work and synergy. We are always in contact with your physician and discuss about the best treatment options. If you wish to continue the exercise program in a gym, we will gladly communicate with your gymnast and propose a safe exercise routine that will increase your physical condition even further.

In any case, you are the ones in charge of the treatment process. We provide our expertise and experience, but in a way that will suit your personal needs, expectations and any kind of special circumstances.



We use a combination of treatment strategies. Current research indicates that the combination of manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise is the best way physiotherapy can help in the management of musculoskeletal problems. Our training and extensive clinical experience, give us the possibility to adjust a wide range of treatment techniques to the individual nature of your condition.

Usually, the treatment process starts in the “treatment rooms”, with the use of gentle articular mobilisations and myofacial techniques (manual therapy techniques).

Once the tightness is released and the body becomes flexible, the treatment is continued in the “gym”, where the acquired degrees of freedom will be used in the active training program. The active training program includes the activation of inhibited muscles, motor re-education and functional rehabilitation. We use a wide range of tailor made exercises that suit your individual needs. Our philosophy is to prescribe exercises that don’t need expensive equipment, so you can perform them easily at home. Home based exercise programs encourage your independence and daily progress.

We are advocates of continuing education and scientific research. We follow the current trends in physiotherapy, in order to provide up-to-date services to our clients.


During the treatment sessions we will give you enough time to comprehend the mechanism that creates your symptoms and how the treatment works. We believe it is crucial for you to understand the reasoning behind the treatment, so you will continue the treatment process throughout the day.

It is our policy all those years, to be on call 24/7. Whatever your concern is, just give us a call or send us any kind of message (sms, e-mail, FB, Skype etc.) either during or after the treatment period has elapsed. We are always happy to listen and answer any kind of question you may have.



We believe in human potential and the innate abilities we all have to improve our body and mind. Helping you to restore your health and achieve your goals, fills us with enthusiasm and energy to continue our work.

* For reasons of language simplicity, only the masculine gender is used in this website.