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First visit in our facility

The first visit is very important, and includes the assessment of your problem and designing the treatment plan with a reference to your individual needs and goals.

The initial appointment will last approximately 1 hour and will start with a thorough history taking,

where all the special characteristics of your condition will be registered and possible contra-indications will be explored.

 We will listen carefully to your own side of the story, the impact of the current problem in your daily life and the expectations you have from the treatment. Right after the history taking, we will start the clinical examination process in order to verify the mechanism that creates the symptoms and develop a treatment plan. Practically, the first session will be the beginning of the treatment process as well, since some of the movements and manual assessment procedures have a therapeutic effect.

Accurately defining the treatment mechanism is essential, since a successful treatment plan must be targeted and tailor-made to your individual problem. The more the mechanism that creates the symptoms is reversed, the sooner the symptoms will resolve.

During the first visit we will evaluate your medical records. Please bring any kind of medical exams you have undertaken (e.g. x-rays, MRI scan, blood tests etc.)

We suggest you:

  • To wear comfortable clothes, that will permit movement testing
  • Have enough time at your disposal, so we will investigate the best way to solve your problem in a relaxed manner.