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Swimmer's Shoulder

Swimmer’s Shoulder: The 4 Key Points of the Rehabilitation Program

The "Swimmer's Shoulder" is a debilitating painful condition of the shoulder, in athletes that swim either in an amateur level or in a competitive level. At this article we address 4 key points of the rehabilitation program, regardless of the painful cause (e.g. subacromial impingement, instability etc.), which are important for restoring restoring proper shoulder function and returning to sports performance. These key points are: The selective activation of the rotator cuff muscles. Regardless of the diagnosis (impingement or instability), the athlete...

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Alex Karagiannidis participated at the ISOKINETIC CONFERENCE 2018, which was held in Barcelona (inside the Camp Nou Stadium) on June 2-4. The latest advances at the following clinical entities were emphasised during the 3-day Congress «Sports' Injury Prevention», presented by Dr. K. Thorborg, Dr. J. Harey, Dr. M. Walden and referred to the Hip and the Knee joint, the Groin and the muscle injuries.     "Latest advances in Muscle Injuries' Rehabilitation", presented by Dr. C. Askling     Alex Karagiannidis, MSc., Dip.MDT., BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy    ...

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