Anastasios L.

April 30, 2014

After the removal of a herniated disk from my low back, I was recovering pretty well for the first 5 months. Unfortunately, at this time, I had complications (muscle aches, burning sensations, stiffness, etc.) in different parts of my body (especially the legs). As I could not figure out the cause of those symptoms, I was alarmed.

One of the orthopedic doctors I visited, referred me to Alex Karagiannidis, assuring me that this man will really help me (“he will coach you” were his exact words).

On my first visit to Alex’s practice, I realized that I was dealing with a conscientious and professional physiotherapist who inspired confidence and also devoted to me, all the time that was necessary to:

a) hear all the details of my daily routine (movements, postures, etc.) and which may have been causing the problems I had

b ) patiently explain to me the mechanism that was creating and perpetuating my problems, and of course,

c ) show me specific exercises / postures / movements and daily tips, suitable for my case, supervising and correcting me when I performed them.

As he said, in fact what I needed was a change of “attitude”, and start moving my body in a relaxed manner, not being afraid to make some moves I thought were harmful. Actually, it was I that was inducing “tightness” and the fear of re-injury that ultimately caused my other muscle problems (stiffness, muscle contractions etc.). He assured me that the home exercises he prescribed would help me to overcome all of the above symptoms.

The results were impressive. My recovery evolved exactly, as Alex predicted. After 5-6 visits at his practice and diligent implementation of the exercise program from my behalf, within 2 months I improved my flexibility, my strength, and I had overcome my fears, which were bringing me down psychologically.

I feel lucky to have met Alex, because on one hand I avoided the unnecessary use of drugs, and on the other, I met a man who helped me both physically and psychologically to restore and improve my daily life, overall.

Τα σχόλια είναι απενεργοποιημένα.