Our main area of expertise is the treatment of patients with painful spinal syndromes. Our patients present with herniated disks, acute and chronic neck pain and back pain or require post-operative rehabilitation after spine surgery. Due to our long lasting experience with managing chronic and complex spinal problems, we offer a holistic approach that targets both pain relief, as well as functional restoration.

If your physician proposes physiotherapy as a treatment option, then you can visit us. We will assess the nature of your problem and propose a treatment plan that will meet your individual needs. In case you cannot transfer to our practice, we will visit you at home. Treatment will start on Day 1 and will aim at symptom reduction and improving your mobility.

Τα σχόλια είναι απενεργοποιημένα.

  • Herniated Disks

    Disk abnormalities are quite common even in healthy individuals and usually, their occurrence is not disconcerting. However, the symptoms are an early sign that should not be ignored. [...]

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  • Acute Low Back Pain

    “Acute low back pain” refers to the back pain of recent onset, either as a result of trauma or for no apparent reason. The same treatment principles apply, even when the pain radiates to the leg (“sciatica”). [...]

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  • Chronic Low Back Pain

    Chronic low back pain is one of the main reasons, patients visit our practice. The term “chronic” means that the symptoms have lasted more than 12 weeks. Usually, the negative impact on daily activities and quality of life is significant. [...]

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  • Chronic Neck Pain

    Neck pain and cervical headaches are usually chronic conditions, primarily caused by the sedentary lifestyle and the stress of everyday life. The symptoms have a gradual onset and then finally become almost permanent, with periods of exacerbation [...]

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  • Low Back Pain in Athletes

    We treat persistent and chronic low back pain conditions that occur in young people who are amateur or professional athletes (mainly in football, basketball, volleyball, rowing, tennis, martial arts, cyclists and runners). [...]

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  • Post Surgery Physiotherapy

    The postoperative period is a stressful period of recovery and often needs close monitoring and care. Each pain raises concerns and any new activity is done with great caution. [...]

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