Herniated Disks
Herniated disks are quite common abnormalities even in healthy individuals and usually, their occurrence is not disconcerting.
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Chronic Neck Pain
Neck pain and cervical headaches are usually chronic conditions, primarily caused by the sedentary lifestyle and the stress of everyday life.
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Low Back Pain in Athletes
At our practice we treat persistent and chronic low back pain conditions that occur in young people who are amateur or professional athletes
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    Check all the services provided in our practise, such as spinal pain management, musculoskeletal disorders management, shoulder pain syndromes, hip problems and more.

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    In our practice space you'll find therapy rooms and exercise instruments, as our method combines manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise to achieve the best results.

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    The first visit is very important, and includes the assessment of your problem and designing the treatment plan with a reference to your individual needs and goals.

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    After the removal of a herniated disk from my low back, I was recovering pretty well for the first 5 months. Unfortunately, at this time, I had complications (muscle aches, burning sensations, stiffness, etc.) in different parts of my body (especially the legs). As I could not figure out the cause of those symptoms, I was alarmed.... Read Μore
    Anastasios L., Employee, 35

  • Recent Posts

    Scapular Dyskinesia: an often neglected cause of Neck Pain

    26 April 2018
        One of the causes that lead to neck pain is Scapular Dyskinesia. The term “Scapular Dyskinesia” refers to the abnormal resting position of the scapula or/and its abnormal movement during arm elevation. When we elevate the arm to perform an overhead activity, e.g. to place an object on a high shelf, the scapula […]

    12th Congress of the Sports Medicine Association of Greece

    22 March 2018
    Alex Karagiannidis was an invited speaker at the 12th Congress of the Sports Medicine Association of Greece.     The topic of his presentation was “The Rehabilitation of the Sports-Related Groin Pain: Key Points, Latest Evidence” The presentation focused on the following topics: The importance of the assessment of the athletes with groin injury, regarding […]


    5 February 2018
    Alex Karagiannidis participated at the Sports Congress 2018, which took place in Copenhagen (February 1-3).   The latest advances at the following clinical entities were emphasised during the 3-day Congress «Treatment of the Sports-Related Groin Pain», presented by Dr. Christian Thorborg‘s team (Professor in Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre)     «Rahabilitation of Hamsring Muscle Injuries», presented by Jurdan […]


    22 January 2017
    Exercise is the necessary method to restore the normal function of all the painful knee syndromes, as a result of overuse, injury or surgery. If your Orthopedist advises you to start exercising, then your rehabilitation program should include the following goals.   1. RESTORE FULL RANGE OF MOTION Normal function of the knee during the […]

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